gelegenheits-stalker asked:

sousuke is really cool. haruka the beautiful.

Five years ago, 
a red-haired boy suddenly appeared…

If you believe it! 
Believe it! 
Beeeeliiiiiiieve it! 
Here I am with my Swim club! 
Swim club 
Here we drown! 
I’m on my way, 
I feel okay! 
Getting ready to swim on set! 
Come on best friends by my side! 
Sousuke, is really cool! 
Haruka, the beautiful!

Kohagag en Rin Rin-chan sagohgo mamoe 
Kohagag en Rin Rin-chan sagohgo mamoe


hilfe ich muss mur amelie vorstellen die dieses zitat bringt: 

"bleibt ja nur noch zu sagen das ich eine ganz bestimmte person töten will….. 

und zwar meinen bruder. spoiler.”

ich find ja das zitat “oooh, wollen sie vielleicht einen keks aus meiner ist mir scheißegal dose?” viel passender zu mir

yachi just told yamaguchi she has terrible social anxiety and then got all excited about helping him with his current anxiety she is the cutest i love her so much im gonna cry

yachi is an actual angel

oh my god. oh my god finally. after this longass boring fucking race onoda is finally becoming less embarassing and makishima actually talked and also the lizard guy is showing up. finally. its been 10 episodes

i love how the entire first season of free! haru is just constantly annoyed with makoto until he almost drowns then hes worried about him and then the nicest thing he ever says to him is when they share a hotel room and hes like “i appreciate you being there for me”

like goddamn how did that friendship survive for all these years when all the input came from makoto lmfao