Rin and Haru teasing eachother at the end of episode 6 (◡‿◡✿)

Haru: I have an embarrassing story about Rin.

Nagisa: Really? Let’s hear it!

Haru: Back in grade school, Rin accidently called the coach mom.

Rin: Don’t tell them!

Rin: Haru, you’re the one who said, “”I’m home!” when you arrived at our swimming school!

Haru: Never happened!

Rin: It totally happened!

It never gets old or less funnier

gotta love how haru suddenly yells when he says NEVER HAPPEND

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i love how they just stand on one side of the net and have emotional talks and yell their plans at each other for like ten minutes straight

and then the guys on the other side go “wonder what they gon do now” like YOU COULD HEAR IT IT WAS A VERY LOUD CONVERSATION